11 Benefits of Playing Crossword

Playing word puzzles are good for your brain.

Our day-to-day lives are usually hectic and energy draining. Having games like crossword puzzles helps take our minds off our busy lives and focus on something fun. Crossword is a word game that’s played on a square or rectangular grid and can be often found in newspapers, magazines, and online. It consists of white and black squares. The black squares represent spaces between words while the white spaces are used to fill in letters to create words or phrases.

Their wide availability in newspapers and magazines has made it easier for people to access and play because you only need a pen/pencil and your brain.

Despite crossword being a popular game worldwide, many people don’t know that the game offers several health benefits to its players. Researchers have found this to be true especially when it comes to matters relating to mental health.

If you want to learn about why solving crosswords are good for you, here are the 12 Benefits of Playing crossword for both children and adults.

1. Can help with delaying memory loss and dementia.

According to this research by the National Library of Medicine, crossword puzzles helped in delaying memory loss for up to 2.5 years in persons who developed dementia. Another similar research also suggests that daily crossword puzzles are key to younger and healthier brains. The research found that there is a direct relationship between solving puzzles like jumble and crosswords, and the speed and accuracy of performing tasks.

From these researches, it’s clear that playing crosswords helps improve your brain’s functions. So if you feel like you're wasting time playing, just remember there are lot of health benefits associated with puzzles.

2. Can help strengthen social bonds.

Although crosswords can be played alone, when played in two’s or more, it is a great way to strengthen social bonds when hanging out with friends. Players can use the clues provided to brainstorm together and solve the word or phrase.

Puzzles are also a great way of bonding with family and kids. Ever wonder what games would be suitable while camping or during a rainy day, Puzzles!

3. It encourages interest.

Crossword puzzles come in a various themes like sports, animals, colors, etc. Depending on your interest, you can choose one that’s suitable for you. This comes in handy, especially when looking for games for your kids. Let's admit it, keeping kids entertained isn’t an easy task. Things like having a themed puzzle for your kids are a sure way to keep them invested and help them learn more words.

4. Helps in improving vocabulary.

If you’re looking for a fun and easier way to build your vocabulary, then crossword puzzles are the way to go. From learning the meaning of new words to the correct spelling of words, your vocabulary will be top-notch in no time.

In word puzzle games, you need to fill in the correct spelling of a word if you want to successfully complete it.

5. It’s fun.

If you’ve never tried a crossword puzzle before, what are you waiting for? Puzzles are a sure fun and creative way to keep your brain occupied. You’ll be provided with interesting clues to solve which is intellectually stimulating and it's a cheap way of keeping yourself and others entertained.

6. Challenges your brain to think.

Puzzles can be quite challenging. To play effectively, players are forced to focus and think critically about what the missing word is. This helps in growing their problem-solving abilities.

7. It teaches persistence.

To win a crossword puzzle game, the player needs to be patient and persistent. You need to commit your time and energy to solving the clues and making sure the words fit into the blank spaces.

Completing crossword puzzles with kids is also a great way of teaching them the importance of persistence and how to react to failure.

8. Helps in learning something new every day.

Crossword puzzles help with learning a new word every day. No matter how well-read you think you are, there’s always a new word for you to learn. This is most especially if you’re working with other people to solve the puzzle. You could learn new words and definitions in areas such as sports, entertainment, technology, politics, etc.

9. Gives a sense of achievement.

Completing a task or activity always feels fulfilling especially when it requires a lot of effort and concentration. Many crossword players don’t normally complete the entire puzzle because they get to a certain point and just feel stuck. If you happen to find yourself in a similar situation, remember that you can always choose to erase and start anew as many times as you wish until you’re able to complete it.

10. Helps your body and mind to relax

Crossword puzzles help players stay relaxed by reducing anxiety. They give you a sense of peace and help you focus on the task at hand. It's a good escape from the constant worry about work, life, money, etc.

Dedicating time out of your day to work on a crossword puzzle can tremendously help improve your mood and stress levels. Can be even better when played in a social setting with more people around.

11. Enhances productivity.

Games that increase brain activity are great for kids. This helps promote outside-the-box thinking and creativity. If you’re looking for a great educational and enjoyable game for your kids then crossword is a good choice.


Crossword puzzles come with a whole lot of benefits. From improved concentration span to reducing the onset of mental conditions the game offers a lot of great advantages to its players. If you’re a beginner, start with simple puzzles first then steadily advance to more cryptic ones.

Published on 04 Sep 2023
Author: Maureen

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